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March 🤔: Spring has Sprung

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As winter melts away in parts of the world, spring brings transformation and rebirth. Is there a new project that you’re eager to get started on? Are you ready to push past failure and try again?

For the first time since late November, Ali is traveling—writing this newsletter from a cozy country home in France. Despite the early mornings (chickens are clucking outside the window), she’s felt a new sense of energy, calling her inner digital nomad to explore the new house and surroundings. It’s through breaks in her routine that she re-energizes.

For many others, this is a time to think. While the momentum of New Year’s resolutions has worn off, there’s a fresh start in the air—pushing things forward and, yes, sometimes pulling them backward or sideways.

We encourage you to seize the moment and pause to reflect. How do you work best? In what ways are you seeking balance? Or not; there are sometimes seasons for the intensity of focus.

To help you on your journey, we’re giving away our RW Energy Tracker for free to all subscribers of our newsletter (yes, you!). Think of it as a daily diary tool where you can track your week and then find patterns to better understand what makes you you. Download today here.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What boosts your energy?

  2. What drains your energy?

  3. What is something new you can try with your team?


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