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Ali and Tamara would have never met if it weren't for remote work. Unexpected, right?

Ali had left the frantic start-up world and after some traveling and consulting, she found herself leading people operations at the privacy-first, all-remote company, DuckDuckGo. Tamara had left her world of strategy, operations, and partnerships with a different search engine, Google, for a different all-remote company, Automattic (WordPress.com).


Both had forgone a permanent home for the adventure of life on the road. Blurring the lines between work and play, thanks to the powers of Airbnb, co-working spaces, and 3G networks.


Then, one day back in 2017, before both touched down in Cape Town for Hacker Paradise, a digital nomad meetup, they each received messages from their colleagues based in Uruguay, encouraging them to meet. A few days later, they grabbed flat whites and went for a walk down the beach, Tabletop mountain shining back at them from a distance. The two chatted, exchanging travel stories and their passion for the future of work.


Fast forward to today, the two text and Zoom regularly, but their friendship is more than just a montage of travel memories and catch-up calls. They’re thought partners and co-conspirators—first, organizing remote working salons in Belgrade (2018) and Mexico City (2019)—and now, co-writing Remote Works, a guide for managers.

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Ali Greene

With almost seven years of remote work experience, and four years leading remote teams while traveling full-time, Ali has recently transitioned from digital nomad life (for now) and is currently living in Spain.


Ali spends her time helping people and companies thrive in making work more freeing, flexible, and focused.


Ali has experience growing the fully distributed team at DuckDuckGo from 30 people to nearly 100 people in four years as the Director of People Ops; and was most recently sharing her remote work expertise as Head of Culture and Community at Oyster, where she hosted their Distributed Discussions podcast. 


Ali was named a "Remote Expert and Influencer to Watch" by Remote Teams (Acquired by Gusto) and is a frequent Speaker and Podcast Guest on all things Remote Work.

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Tamara Sanderson

Tamara cut her teeth in design at IDEO, in tech at Google and Automattic (WordPress.com), and in finance and operations at Oliver Wyman and Audax Group.

With over 12 years of distributed work experience, largely while traveling the world, with 70 countries and 7 continents under her belt, she's passionate about helping others find their own paths and believes in the power of personal autonomy.

Tamara is an encouraging and enthusiastic facilitator. She teaches product strategy and design for Duke Corporate Education, Northwestern Kellogg upGrad, Stoa School and Jolt.io. Students have referred to her as “a pro” with an ear for listening and an eye for giving great feedback. 


Tamara has been featured in Vogue, Bustle, Lifehacker, The Next Web, Wired, Tech in Asia, Consulting Mag, E27 and Broadband Choices.

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