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Blame it on our generation—we’re both millennials, yeah, okay on the older side of the spectrum—but we fundamentally believe that every team is a blizzard of special snowflakes.


Different, with unique needs and characteristics. Teams are also always evolving, as members come and go, the atmosphere and demands of the organization shift and as new sides of personalities and skill-sets emerge. 


Therefore, if you’re looking for a one-size fits all book, to read once and solve all of your remote work problems, REMOTE WORKS is not the book for you.


If you’re looking for a resource, that can be used over-and-over again, then we’re here to help.


We want you to feel confident and capable at work, and it is our goal that REMOTE WORKS will empower you to make your special snowflake of a team sparkle and shine!

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For REMOTE WORKS, we've focused ourselves on the heartbeat of an organization: managers and their teams. If they stop functioning, the organization dies.


So, while the book will include personal stories and asides, useful for remote workers at any level, the value of REMOTE WORKS is in how everyday managers can inspire, support, and create successful remote working environments within their teams and company.

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REMOTE WORKS functions more as a handbook or written workshop.

We don’t intend for REMOTE WORKS to be skimmed through once and then placed on the bookshelf to collect dust or deleted from the Kindle to save space.


We hope that REMOTE WORKS is a resource that is referenced time and again—before a kick-off meeting, when deciding which communication tool to use, when creating a hiring plan for the next year, or while planning a team retreat. 

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