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What’s Your Remote Management Style? Ask These 4 Questions.

This post was originally featured on Apr 28, 2023 in SmallBizClub

A few years back, I was sitting across from a colleague at an off-site team meeting, an important ritual for a fully remote company. The debate began: Which was better? Working from home, or working from anywhere? I shared my penchant for afternoon work sessions at a newly discovered cafe, and my colleague boasted about his standing desk and dual-monitor setup in his home office.

Neither of us was right in our opinion, of course. Both remote setups work (and work well), and while we were members of the executive team, neither of us could convince other employees to swap their own work preferences for our personal approaches.

To be great at remote work, you need to know how to manage yourself. You must know where, when, and how you work best.

It’s entirely possible that your best work looks different from mine and my co-workers’. That’s what’s interesting about remote work—it’s not one-size-fits-all, nor should it be. Much like situational leadership, in remote management, there’s both a natural tendency to rely on a personal style and the ability to flex this style to meet others’ preferences and the situation at hand.

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