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What We Offer

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Image by Helena Lopes

We are here to help you level-up your remote working skills—addressing your common remote work challenges, such as communicating effectively (with fewer meetings!), establishing team norms, and focusing on getting things done. 


We believe that remote work skills are a requirement for managers and teams regardless of where (or what) their “office” looks like.


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Re-energize and spark interesting conversations within your team, company, or conference with a RW Talk.

Get ready for relatable stories, actionable ideas, and a few laughs to get that little extra oomph you need.

Talks can be scaled up to audiences of over 1,000 people, or down to an intimate conversation with your team.

Sessions start at $775 USD.



Does it feel like everyone’s working off of their own remote work playbook?

Get everyone on the same page with our signature RW Training Series on fundamental remote working skills focused on:
1. Remote project management
2. Remote communication
3. Remote productivity

Workshops can be bought individually or as a 3-part series. Starting at $2,500 USD.



Need something more specific to address your remote work challenges and pain points?

We’ll meet you where you’re at and help you meet your remote working goals.

Understand the state of your organization with our RW Engagement Survey and targeted recommendations.

Or, tackle challenges and get all your questions answered in our small group RW Coaching Circles.

Get in touch for pricing packages.

“The content and presenters were FANTASTIC!  Very clear messaging and a great presentation pace.”

Great overall discussion, really enjoyed the tips the group shared. I love these trainings, I am hooked.

“An amazing vibe! The class was great, organized… great examples.”

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