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Leading Remotely EP12 - Think Outside The Office w/Ali Greene

Join host Matt Hayman as he sits down with Ali Greene, co-author of the book "Remote Works" for a thought-provoking discussion on the impact of remote work on the individual, team dynamics and communication. This episode serves as a perfect complement to episode 4, where Matt had interviewed Tamara Sanderson, Ali's co-author, and discussed more about creativity and collaboration in remote work.

What is Wonder's Leading Remotely Podcast?

Wonder is a virtual workspace for remote teams to work side-by-side, connect and collaborate. Their Leading Remotely podcast helps listeners discover insights from those at the cutting edge of remote work and hear from people like you managing the day to day struggles and successes of leading remote teams.

Topics Covered:

[+] How self-awareness is a strong foundation for remote work success

[+] The importance of team dynamics and group norms in a remote work environment

[+] Strategies for effective communication in a remote team setting

Don't miss this stimulating and informative conversation with Ali Greene, whose wealth of experience at companies like Oyster and DuckDuckGo provides valuable insights on the challenges and opportunities of remote work. Episode 12 details can be found here.


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