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Tam joins Wonder to discuss remote creativity and collaboration

Creativity & collaboration in a remote first world w/Tamara Sanderson - Matt is joined by Tamara Sanderson, co-author of the upcoming book "Remote Works - managing for freedom, flexibility and focus". The interview is wide ranging and touches on a number of topics that will be of interest to any remote leader.

What is Wonder's Leading Remotely Podcast?

Wonder is a virtual workspace for remote teams to work side-by-side, connect and collaborate. Their Leading Remotely podcast helps listeners discover insights from those at the cutting edge of remote work and hear from people like you managing the day to day struggles and successes of leading remote teams.

Topics Covered:

In this episode, Matt and I discuss my thoughts on incorporating collaboration and creativity in a remote environment. In the episode, we cover:

  • The optimal skills, behaviours and mindset required for remote management and remote work more broadly - what Tamara refers to as 'remote work fluency'

  • The leadership archetypes that thrive and struggle in a remote first world - and how to develop your growing edge.

  • The huge opportunities in creativity and collaboration that remote work enables.

  • The role of play in collaboration - and how to ensure it never appears cheesy or forced

  • How remote work might evolve over the next five years


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