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The Ultimate Guide To Human Connection For Distributed Teams

In this guide, compiled by Jacques (The Party Scientist) you will find 35 practical perspectives, including Ali Greene's on fostering connection from remote work pioneers and thought leaders.

You will find the latest research on loneliness and how it impacts your team’s performance.

Finally, you'll get 5 recommended actions for operationalizing everything in this report: A 5-step checklist for applying social neuroscience to create a highly connected team.

It is important to look past the idea of only social connection. Instead, leaders should focus on tactics to cater to three levels of connection: connection to a company's purpose or mission, connection to the work itself, and shared experiences and standard operating behaviors within the team.
Leaders can build this connection by ensuring goals are clear, highlighting the product roadmap internally, developing accurate job descriptions, and agreeing to a set of team norms.
These things will help people understand what to do and how to do it. When you remove this level of uncertainty from your day-to-day life, it can build a baseline for trust and psychological safety. From there, you can invest asynchronously or synchronously to develop social relationships. - Ali Greene

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