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Tam on The Winning Teams Podcast

Remote Working Does and Can Work For All with Tamara Sanderson

What is the Winning Teams podcast?

John Murphy is an ambitious, highly-motivated leader. For the past 10 years he's coached leaders of Fortune 100 and 500 organisations globally. Major companies like Airbus, , Merck Pfizer, KLM and Vodafone trust me to shape, motivate and optimise the teams of their billion-dollar operations.

Learn more about John here:

Topics Covered:

  • The promise of liberating people from 9-5 work

  • Different ways for organizations to unlock this possibility

  • The great debate about remote and hybrid work

  • Forcing a transition after Covid-19

  • Becoming thoughtful about documentation

  • Remote work is all about behavior change

  • Remote Works book by Tamara Sanderson and co-author Ali Green

  • Forming and Performing

  • Remote culture and internet culture

  • The benefits of team meetups for all-remote companies

  • Adapting leadership style

  • The impact of modeling desired behavior

  • Training employees to be their own manager

  • Identifying burnout

  • The normalcy of burnout

  • The three M’s of taking breaks

  • Tamara’s book recommendations and daily rituals


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