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Tam on the Leadership Biz Cafe Podcast

What leaders need to do to successfully lead remote teams with Tamara Sanderson.

What is the Leadership Biz Cafe:

Tanveer is also the host of the popular and long-running "Leadership Biz Cafe" podcast, which Inc Magazine has described as feeling "like you're sitting down for a cup of coffee with two leadership experts to learn about how to become that leader our employees need us to be." On his podcast, Tanveer has discussed the challenges and opportunities leaders face with such renowned experts as Tom Peters, Guy Kawasaki, Stephen M.R. Covey, Jim Kouzes, Liz Wiseman, Doug Conant, Tim Sanders, Whitney Johnson, and many others. His podcast is available on every major streaming platform, including iHeartRadio, Spotify, Deezer, Audible, Pandora, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher Radio, and many others. Learn more here.

What We Covered... In Tanveer's Words:

To offer remote work opportunities or not to offer remote work opportunities? If you look at the articles found in various business outlets these days, it would seem organizations are facing an existential crisis when it comes to how today’s workplaces should operate.

At the heart of this debate is an on-going tug-of-war where leaders on the one hand worry about a loss in productivity and organizational culture, while employees on the other hand want the flexibility to decide when and where they do their work.

But in our drive to figure out the future of work, are we focusing more on the symptoms rather than the root causes behind such issues as declining productivity, rising levels of loneliness, and diminished opportunities for career growth that are being linked to remote work?

Thankfully, I’ve had the chance to speak to an expert – and seasoned remote leader – to help shine a light on what it really takes to make remote work, well, work and overcome those understandable concerns many leaders have.

In addition to being a former Googler, Tamara Sanderson is the co-founder of Remote Works, an organizational design and consulting firm with a mission to liberate teams from the nine-to-five and teach them how to do their best work, anytime, anywhere.

Along with her co-author, Ali Greene, Tamara has written a fantastic book called “Remote Works: Managing for Freedom, Flexibility, and Focus” that offers a clear blueprint to help leaders not only get better at leading remote teams, but details the systems and processes you need to have in place to help with onboarding new employees and strengthening your organization’s culture.

And over the course of our conversation, Tamara shares a brilliant answer to my question about how should we address the loneliness issue in today’s organizations – whether your employees are working fully remote or in some hybrid work arrangement.

If you’re struggling with how to adapt and transform your workplace to address the growing demands of employees for greater flexibility around the way they work, I strongly encourage you to make the time to give this episode a listen. It will give you a better handle on what you need to do to solve this issue in your workplace.

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