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Tam joins Klaxoon about reaching the highest level of inclusion

After the pandemic, the ways in which we work and where we work have changed. Where #hybrid and remote settings are prominent in the workplace, the urge to create "digital-first" cultures is now critical to ensure the inclusion of team members. Tam shares ideas and actionable insights for creating and thriving in a #digital-first environment in a 30-minute interactive session!

What is Klaxoon

Klaxoon is a pioneer in collaborative solutions & the future of work. Their Workshop Platform consists of an unmatched set of solutions that enables a team to get things done. Turn your meetings into efficient workshops from anywhere, while accelerating collaboration, fostering success, and moving forward as a team.

Topics Covered:

  • How to create a digital-first culture

  • The next big challenges facing remote workers and the companies they work for

  • How can remote and hybrid workers fill in the potential social gaps


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