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Tam guest blogs for CAVO on building your remote work confidence

As you stray away from the 9-to-5 you’ve always known, you’ll start mapping your own path. Knowing yourself is key.

What is CAVO (Center for Advancement of Virtual Organizations)

The Center for the Advancement of Virtual Organizations (CAVO) is a hub of relevant, current information and practices aimed at supporting diverse, industry professionals and educators in all aspects of virtual work. Hosting both research and real-world examples, NCU’s CAVO partners with external experts around the remote workforce, innovations in virtual work, and supporting technologies to grow a knowledge base and expertise.

Topics Covered:

  • A Sufi poem & a prison of our own making

  • Personal stories from Tam and Ali's experience building remote confidence

  • Energy tracking

  • Designing your workweek around your energy peaks and valleys


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