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Making remote management work - Resilience Unravelled • With Russell Thackeray

In this episode of Resilience Unravelled Ali Greene, a digital nomad who has been traveling full time since 2017, shares her experiences of working remotely and living a life of constant change. She talks about how she learned to keep in touch with her company while traveling and how she found success as an employee, freelancer, consultant, and writer. Ali also discusses the challenges of building deep relationships while constantly on the move and emphasises that it's possible to find your tribe even when you're not physically around them. She shares her most challenging experience in Asia where being far from her support system made her feel isolated at times. Finally, she reveals some of her top experiences so far as a digital nomad- including skydiving in Brazil and organising a trip to Japan for remote co-workers which helped deepen their bond despite never meeting again in person.

She is also the co-author of the book "Remote Works: Managing for Freedom, Flexibility, and Focus," which discusses her experiences with remote work and travel. She emphasises the benefits of embracing a resilient mindset to navigate the challenges that come with this lifestyle, such as language barriers and cultural differences. The book offers practical advice for managers on how to effectively lead remote teams and maximise productivity.

Main topics

  1. Ali's top three experiences while traveling.How Ali developed resilience while traveling and working remotely.

  2. The future of remote work.How to form and maintain connections while traveling.

  3. The importance of having a support system while traveling.The challenges of working remotely and managing a team in different time zones.The benefits of asynchronous communication in remote work.


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