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Ali joins The Workstyle Revolution to tell her workstyle story

The 9 to 5 corporate life had Ali struggling with motivation. Trendy startup environments didn’t do it for her either. With an extreme dislike for routine and fixed schedules, Ali needed an extra dynamic life to feel motivated, so she went on to create her very own workstyle revolution.

What is Workstyle Revolution?

Powered by The Hoxby Foundation, Workstyle Revolution believes in the transformational force of workstyle to refresh the world of work, changing all lives for the better. Their goal is to replace the traditional 9–5 system with workstyle, fitting work around life and not the other way around. They believe this is not only better for people, but also for businesses and society at large. Learn more here.

Topics Covered:

  • 9-to-5 work life

  • Workplace motivation

  • The need for flexibility

  • Ali's unique approach to work-life balance


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