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Ali & Tam on the Want to Work There Podcast

Your Roadmap to Building an Incredible Remote-First Workplace

What is the Want to Work There podcast with Jill Felska:

Want to Work There is built by culture experts, for people pros. We're taking decades of cumulative knowledge and sharing it with you so that you can be equipped with the insider knowledge you need to create a workplace culture all employees deserve. Learn more here.

What We Covered:

  • The difference between remote work culture and what many people experienced while working remotely during the pandemic.

  • The three mindset shifts you MUST make in order for remote work to be a sustainable practice within your organization.

  • What Standard Operating Behaviors are and why Ali shares them in response to anyone who says “You can’t build culture remotely - it just doesn’t work!”

  • What rituals and artifacts are and how you can identify and design them intentionally for remote work environments.

  • How to remotely recreate the “magic” that occurs when a team is physically together for a brainstorm.

  • What Gen Z doesn’t realize about remote work and how they can find great mentorship and community when working remotely.

  • The remote best-practices that hybrid organizations need to adopt in order to achieve true inclusivity.

  • Both Tam and Ali’s favorite resource from the book. I’m personally a BIG fan of both!


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