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Ali joins the "Yes, I Work From Home" podcast to discuss her journey as a digital nomad

Ali joins April Malone to share her digital nomad lifestyle and offer advice on advocating for remote work as others return to their workplace.

What is the "Yes, I Work from Home" podcast?

A podcast for people who work from home--on purpose. April Malone is the host, and guest interviews are with people who have been living the work-from-home life for some time and who are making it work. What they all have in common is a story that tells about the journey and how they ended up working from home, whether or not it was an intentional choice.

Topics covered:

  • Her digital nomad story

  • How to advocate for yourself as a remote worker

  • The digital nomad lifestyle

  • Remote work ergonomics

  • Navigating new cities

  • Traveling and co-working with children


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