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Ali joins the Transform your Workplace podcast

The pandemic changed the work world forever. In March of 2020, small and large businesses alike had only hours to pack up and begin navigating the new normal of remote or hybrid work. And a little over two years later, many of us are still trying to figure it all out. In this episode, Brandon Laws talks with Ali Greene, remote work expert, speaker, and advocate, about the challenges of going remote and best practices for keeping teams connected outside of the office.

What is The Transform Your Workplace podcast?

“The Transform Your Workplace podcast is your go-to source for the latest workplace trends, big ideas, and time-tested methods straight from the mouths of industry experts and respected thought-leaders.”

Topics Covered:

  • Knowing What it Really Means

  • The Freedom in Remote Work

  • Thrown into Chaos

  • Different Perspectives on Remote Work

  • Taking Steps Toward Remote

  • Remote Management

  • Communication: A Remote Work Essential


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