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Ali joins the Maverick Show to discuss her favorites: Axe Throwing, Street Art, & People Ops

Ali Greene talks about being a full-time digital nomad for the last two years while working as a full-time salaried employee in a senior management position as “Director of People Operations” at DuckDuckGo.

What is the Maverick Show?

Matt Bowles interviews today’s most interesting location-independent entrepreneurs and world travelers to pull out actionable tips and advice that you can apply in your own life each week. Hear personal stories about their most epic travel adventures as well as their most valuable tactics, strategies and lessons learned on their journey to financial success, location independence and lifestyle freedom.

Topics Covered:

  • How the Digital Nomad Movement is Changing Personal, Professional and Romantic relationships as well Changing Out Concepts of Community and Belonging.

  • Why “People Ops” Is so Important for Workplace Diversity, Female Empowerment, building an Inspiring Company Culture, and Overall Business Growth.

  • How to Optimize Your Productivity and Reduce Stress Through Techniques like “Context Switching” and Changing Locations Multiple Times During the Workday


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