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Ali joins The Digital Workplace to discuss 5 things experts disagree on about remote work

In this episode, Ali works through five statements about digital work that we might either agree or disagree on.

What is The Digital Workplace podcast?

The Digital Workplace hosts conversations that help your journey to become a Level 5 Digital Workplace. We need all of us to get much better at work.

Topics Covered:

  • Employees do not need managers in truly distributed teams

  • Teams should delay working out most conflicts until they can be in-person

  • Teams often waste time when they write up documentation for every tool. Just trust people to be adults.

  • Establishing when a team works together (synchronous time) is more important than where they work from (home, nomad, office, coworking, etc)

  • Objectives change so often in some teams that creating productivity output metrics is counterproductive


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