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Ali joins the "Change Work Life" podcast

The idea of working for a few hours each day on the beach sounds great but how realistic is it to work remotely in a full-time job? Is the reality of full-time remote work more stressful than freeing?

Ali Green was a remote worker for years before she fully transitioned to the digital nomad life and started her company which helps people and companies thrive in making work more freeing, flexible and focused.

She explains the benefits and drawbacks to remote work, how to approach your employer about transitioning into a remote position, and the surprising professions she’s seen people work remotely.

What is the Change Life Work podcast?

Jeremy Cline started the podcast because he was starting to question where he wanted to get to in life and how he’d like the journey to look. Learn more about Jeremy and his coaching practice here.

Topics Covered:

  • [2:06] How Ali became a remote worker and the benefits of being a digital nomad.

  • [6:37] The difference between remote work and working from home.

  • [11:34] How aspects of almost any profession can be done remotely.

  • [14:40] Surprising professions that can be done remotely.

  • [15:50] The drawbacks of working remotely.

  • [16:38] The importance of building a community as a new remote worker.

  • [20:09] Challenges for full-time remote employees.

  • [22:48] How to get spontaneous socialisation and interaction as a remote worker.

  • [28:10] How to gain influence and respect in an organisation as a remote worker.

  • [34:50] How to approach your employer about becoming fully remote.

  • [40:45] How to find companies that offer remote work positions.


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