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Ali joins "Leading from Afar" to discuss the hybrid remote work model

Many companies that went remote during the pandemic are looking at the hybrid remote model. Whether for productivity, team engagement or simply it's easier for the company. We'll discuss why companies should (or really shouldn't) go hybrid.

What is Leading From Afar?

Scott Markovits, the host of Leading from Afar, was the first hire at InVision and helped build the foundations of the company. From marketing, sales, product, operations, and most things in between. He's also mentored and consulted with over a thousand early-stage startups; including a tens of remote ones.

Topics Covered:

  • The Hybrid methodology is all about real estate mentality

  • Hybrid is the easier that remote first

  • Hybrid in essence is a compromise

  • Hybrid leads to a decrease in productivity

  • Bye-bye Diversity & Inclusion


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