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Ali joins DistantJob to discuss building remote community

In this podcast episode, Ali Greene shares her insights on the importance of leadership in building and nourishing connections in remote teams. She shares strategies on how remote companies can engage their employees and support them in a digital setting.

What is Distant Jobs?

Distant Jobs is a remote placement agency. They work exclusively for you, acting like any team member, following your tools and processes. DistantJob only does the finding, hiring, and ensures they have the conditions to perform.

Topics Covered:

  • Insights of the impact of COVID on digital nomads.

  • Recommendations for people who still struggle working remotely.

  • How to separate work from life when working remotely.

  • How leadership can support employees to get more engaged at work.

  • Strategies to build a community in your company.

  • Insights of company retreats.


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