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Ali hosts "Oyster Hour" webinar series on hot remote work topics

In the first “Oyster Hour” webinar series, titled “The (Remote) Future of Talent Acquisition," Ali chats with Marisa Bryan of and Tara Vasdani of Remote Law Canada on how to attract and hire great remote talent into your organization.

Part One: Designing Remote Roles

Topics Covered:

  • What needs to be considered in moving from a traditional office role to a remote role in terms of the job responsibilities themselves?

  • What should be included on the job specification that is unique for remote?

  • Any legal considerations on how the job specification is written?

  • How can hiring teams determine what to evaluate candidates on in a virtual setting?

Part Two: Remote Recruiting Strategies

Topics Covered:

  • What should organizations with open remote roles do to connect with great candidates?

  • What are the biggest lessons to come out of your remote recruiting experience and how have you brought those lessons to the recruiting process?

  • How can organizations take candidate cultural differences into account when recruiting?

  • How can organizations be more intentional in recruiting for diversity and inclusion?

  • What trends are shaping the future of remote recruiting, and how can companies and candidates prepare for success?

  • How should distributed organizations make it possible for candidates to glimpse what it’s like to work there?

  • What opportunities does remote recruiting create to remove bias from the recruiting process?

Part Three: Designing a Remote Interview Process

Topics Covered:

  • How can you let remote candidates get a “feel” for the company when they don’t get a chance to visit the office?

  • What are the biggest frustrations of remote interviewing that are experienced by both recruiters and candidates?

  • How should candidates prepare for remote interviewing success?

  • What does it mean for recruiters to focus on “applications not resumes”?

  • How do you decide who moves forward in the remote interview process in a fair and uniform manner across.a variety of role types?

  • How long should the remote interview process take?


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