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Ali featured in DNSFilter's Discussion on Building Remote Work Culture

What is DNSFilter?

DNSFilter was founded in October 2015. The goal for CEO Ken Carnesi, Chief Architect Brian Gillis, along with former Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroll was a big one. They set out to create "The Best DNS Filter On The Market." Their vision was to build a product that would be more effective at blocking threats than other solutions, while also maintaining ease-of-use, and world-class support.

Topics Covered:

Remote work is no longer a new concept. But maintaining a remote work culture while scaling a company definitely is. In-person collaboration and office outings lend themselves to building camaraderie and culture, but that isn’t to say that the same can’t happen in remote work environments. In this session, we've invited professionals passionate about remote work to discuss how we can tackle building a remote culture that succeeds into the future, and why remote work isn’t just a fad—it’s the future.


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