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Ali joins the Maverick Show (again) to discuss emergency WFH techniques

Ali Greene jumps back on the podcast from under COVID-19 lockdown in France to share Emergency work-from-home techniques that everyone can begin implementing immediately. She discusses best practices for maintaining routine in a changed environment, navigating new work-life-family balances, creating new ‘workspace’ boundaries, and tips for communicating and coordinating with others in the household.

What is the Maverick Show?

Matt Bowles interviews today’s most interesting location-independent entrepreneurs and world travelers to pull out actionable tips and advice that you can apply in your own life each week. Hear personal stories about their most epic travel adventures as well as their most valuable tactics, strategies and lessons learned on their journey to financial success, location independence and lifestyle freedom. Learn more here.

Topics Covered:

  • Emergency work-from-home techniques you can implement immediately.

  • Tips for business leaders on transitioning and managing fully remote teams.

  • Creative ideas for virtual social events, team-building, and just having fun.


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