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podcasts & webinars

  1. Oyster Distributed Discussions, Full Series hosted by Ali Greene 

  2. Hiring your First People Ops Team with Gather 

  3. Foreword presents Remote work: What you should be talking about to your leadership team With Ali Greene & Tamara Sanderson

  4. Remote Leadership in People-First Teams | Fireside chat with Ali Greene 🔥

  5. Workstyle Stories - Ali Greene

  6. A Digital Nomad at Heart, with Ali Greene - Yes, I Work From Home Podcast Episode 35

  7. Is the hybrid model the future of remote w/ Ali Greene, People & Community @ Oyster

  8. How to set effective boundaries when managing remotely

  9. The future of talent acquisition: Series with OysterHR

  10. The top 3 tips to become a Digital Nomad or a remote working guru for yourself or your company! by How To ROCK Virtual Engagements! • A podcast on Anchor

  11. How to Manage a Remote Team Effectively with WorkClub

  12. The New Normal Webinar with Teammate Apart

  13. Remote Rescue: An Essential Guide for Newly Remote Workers

  14. 77: Emergency Work-From-Home Techniques for Everyone and Remote-Transition Tips for Business Leaders with Ali Greene

  15. People Ops School: Ali Greene, Head of Culture and Community

  16. Ep. 83 - DuckDuckGo: Ali Greene — Yonder

  17. K&L Gates Working Wise: Transitioning to the "New" Normal - Strategic Considerations for Moving to Long-Term Work From Home

  18. How to Build A Sense of Community in Your Remote Team with Ali Greene

  19.  Building & Scaling Remote Companies: Tips & Strategies for Future | Panel Discussion By Designhill

  20. Onboarding: How to Make the Best First Impression

  21. 12: Axe Throwing, Seeing the World Through Street Art, And Using “People Ops” to Increase Your Company Growth by 80% in 2 Years with Ali Greene

  22. Podcast - Ali Greene (S01E12)

  23. People Stack Podcast: Ali Greene from Duck Duck Go talks about people operations across timezones…

online courses

  1. Northwestern Kellogg | Professional Certificate in Product Management (Tamara, Adjunct Professor)

  2. Duke Corporate Education | Product Management Certification Program (Tamara, Adjunct Professor)

  3. Duke Corporate Education | Design Thinking Certification Program (Tamara, Adjunct Professor)

  4. upGrad | Entrepreneurship Certificate Program (Coming Soon!) (Tamara, Adjunct Professor)

  5. upGrad | Customer Centricity Certificate (Tamara, Adjunct Professor)

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Topics covered include:

  • Remote Work 101

  • People Operations

  • Design Thinking

  • Distributed Company Culture

  • Reducing remote burnout and “work about work”

  • Reimagining how your company could operate in the future

  • and more!